I live for three things:

1. Achieving my dreams
2. Living a life full of beauty and creativity
3. and having as many adventures as possible because life's one big adventure after all

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Waking up to a beautiful rainy morning. Grateful to see another day #YankeeCandle #Itsthelittlethings

The day ALMOST ended on a sucky note but came home to find this baby waiting for me. It took several weeks but the timing was perfect. Powerful cover with #AimeeEverett POW! Can’t wait to get stuck in! #Weightlifting #OlympicWeightlifting

Eat to perform! Nourish the body then pick up something heavy grrrr #eatyourcarbs #paleo

Screw you thumb, I will live to hook grip another day #Rocktape #Crossfit

Started the day with a quick #1500m swim. Discovering the world of #activerecovery is working wonders for me. #Swimming is also a great way to alleviate post-workout soreness…well it’s always worked for me #crossfit

Yup, definitely didn’t get enough sleep. Now I’m seeing a life sized Pikachu walking around #pokemon #pikachu

Now I too can become a Supple Leopard 😄 #crossfit #suppleleopard

Great place, great people + my squats got a little better….#crossfit

Tip: Use hand sanitizer plus a cotton pad to restore the whites of your converse. It really works plus it takes less than 5 minutes.

Nice try Pop Tarts, nice try..